Thursday, June 28, 2012

Saying goodbye to my loves

Upon request of family and friends I decided to keep a blog of my adventures. I make no promises of the quality of my writing or this blog...but I still feel the need to apologize ahead of time :). My goal with this is to keep family up to date on how things are going with me now that we're living so far apart.

The decision to leave Boston after 10 years was not an easy one to make. I have loved the city from the first time we drove over that last hill on route 2 and I saw the whole city laid out before us. For a long time I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. The city has all of the conveniences of having so much so close but is still small enough where you can't stay lost for long. It was home.

view from the redline over the Charles.

Over the past two years many friends and family have moved away and the city started to feel a little different.  Between Florida, Canada, Oregon, California, Washington DC, Virginia, and New York my loved ones were moving on to new adventures and I began to feel like I was missing something. My parents and sister (with her family) moved here, and with them went my last strong tie to this area. Since I wasn't going to move to upstate NY I thought it would be fun to move somewhere completely new: Florida.

Saying goodbye to the wonderful friends in Boston wasn't easy but I'm hoping to see everyone soon, either in Boston or Florida. I won't go into the specifics of my goodbye because those are my personal memories but I will say that I was so touched by them.  I am so grateful for the wonderful people I have in my life. This is the third big move I've made (NY to England, England to MA, and now MA to FL) and the goodbyes don't get easier.

I packed up all of my worldly goods into a box in order to have them shipped south (thanks to Josh and Stacey for the help!).

I'm so happy that everything fit, especially my bike. On Monday, June 25th, the truck came and picked up the box:

On that same day I got a ride down to CT (thanks to Cat), to meet up with Jay and Cheryl. We celebrated Jay's 30th birth with dinner and a movie. I'm pretty sure Brave could be my life....except my mom has yet to try to force me to marry someone for the sake of our Scottish clan :).

On June 26th we jumped on a plane bound for Orlando. Despite moving three times before finding a seat with a working tv the flight was pretty comfortable. We flew over tropical storm Debby right around Georgia/northern Florida. The ride got pretty bumpy around then. The most intense moment was when there was so much turbulence I got jerked out of my seat. I've never experienced turbulence like that so I was a bit freaked out for a little while, only finding it awesome/fun once we landed safely.

My first two days in Florida have been relatively quiet. Jay and Cheryl went back to work and I've been lurking around the house and hanging out with this kid:
Today I scheduled an interview at a local hospital for July 16th. I'm still looking at other positions but it feels good to have something on the books. It makes me feel like I can relax a little and enjoy this time off...maybe with some coffee and breakfast on the back porch.

I am missing my Bostonians already but I'm feeling really good about this move. I always have a room for visitors so let's start making plans!


  1. Good for you for:

    1. Starting this blog. You'll be glad you did one day.
    2. Making the big jump!
    3. Wasting no time at starting the interview process. You'll find something in no time. Here's to it being something that you LOVE as much as you are going to love your new life.

  2. I'm so happy that we're going to be able to follow along with you on this wonderful journey called life! And by the're writing is lovely. :-)

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm excited that you're reading the blog. I've really enjoyed reading both of your blogs. If I can manage to be even half as good as you both are then I will feel lucky.

  4. OMG. I just died. Did you notice my incorrect use of the word 'you're ' above?What an ass! I'm tempted to delete and re-write but in the interest of keeping it real - even the mistakes - I shall leave it be.