Tuesday, July 3, 2012

three hours into my morning and I realized I was wearing my dress on backwards...

I feel really lucky. I have an incredible family and wonderful friends. The amount of support I have received has been overwhelming. Thank you!!!

My days are balanced between working out, job searching, and relaxing...It is a balance that I'm going to appreciate for as long as I am able to maintain it. I know soon enough (hopefully sooner rather than later) I will be working full time and won't be able to relax quite as much :).

I put off going to the gym all the time in Boston but I'm determined to maintain a routine here. I think exercising is important for several reasons not the least of which is that it makes you feel good. While I think I'm being really proactive about finding a job I am finding it really difficult not having one. I feel like I'm not contributing appropriately by not having one and I'm not sure how to manage that feeling. I know I'll find one soon but until then I want to make sure to stay positive...working out will help with that. Right now I'm doing yoga and spinning, with minimal amounts of running :)
After class we like to treat ourselves to breakfast and coffee. Incidentally I discovered that coffee decreases ones risk of getting skin cancer... so really my morning coffee is about protecting my paleness :).

Don't worry mom... I'm eating healthy too!

I've started to do yoga, something I never thought I would get into. There are two places I've gone to down here. The first place is called Blue Moon Fitness and Yoga and the classes there are all heated. On Sundays they have a free flow class, ideal for us unemployed slackers :), which is an hour long. It's an intense experience during which I sweat my ovaries off. I leave that class feeling destroyed and invigorated all at the same time. This studio has the feel of a gym in that the experience seems to be more about the physical that the spiritual.

The second studio is called Daytona Yoga & Wellness Center and it's right across the street from the beach, so the location is pretty amazing. The environment is totally different from the first studio. There was incense being burned, wind chimes playing, and rich colors all over the studio. The class had a slower pace which meant we held the positions for longer. I really enjoyed the connection between the physical and the emotional. With the long holds it was quite a workout but the focus on smooth transitions and connecting with where you are in that moment was ideal. I left the class feeling like the last vestiges of stress/anxiety left from  my old job were melting away. They did lose me a little when the teacher started talking about sending out love to everyone in the class, in the country, and then in the world. I'm not really into sending out that much love....but I get what she was saying :).

These little guys are all over the outside of the house. At first it was a bit disconcerting but they're kind of fun to watch. Word on the street is that they are lucky...and I could use some luck in getting a job. Has anyone worked at a temp agency? What was it like? I'm a little hesitant to do it. I get nervous with new starts and I feel like starting somewhere where I knew the time would be limited might be more anxiety provoking than helpful... but then again I need to work and it might be a good way to meet new people and learn new skills until I am employed full time.

I'm really excited that Mamma Jackson is coming to visit in August and two friends are coming in October... anyone else want to visit?

I miss you all!!!!


  1. First, I love the dress on backwards! That's so awesome!

    Second, were you served formal afternoon tea with your (you're) salad? How delightfully splendid!

    Last, the perfect job will come at the perfect time to the perfect girl. Enjoy your current routine while you've got it.

    I'm coming to visit. I am. I am! I must! :-)

  2. I wish I was served formal tea :). How lovely would that be!