Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm a monster!

I had my interview last Monday and it was quite the event. The only directions I received were to go to the main door and ask for the interviewer. So I went to the main door at the hospital...luckily I was early because the interview was at a different location two roads over. My interviewer was really understanding and acknowledged that she hadn't actually told me where to go :) so I don't think being 5 minutes late was held against me. The interview went well I think and I hope to know if there will be a next step soon. They are interviewing 4 people, including myself, for two positions and I like those odds. I should know by next week, fingers crossed. I appreciate all the well wishes and luck i can get.

Cheryl generously lent me some clothes to wear...which is where my monster tendencies ruined everything.

Nice shirt huh?!? With my brutishness I ripped a huge hole in it. This is why I can't have nice things.

I've been unpacking like a crazy person and I've finally unpacked all of the boxes.

My guest room is now filled with empty boxes. I'll have to deal with them at some point but it's pretty satisfying knowing they are all empty. I have some furniture rearranging still to do but other than that I'm pretty settled.

I'm going to have a different couch soon so that one will go in my bedroom. Eventually I want to get a grey chair as well, but that'll be down the road a bit.  Something like this...

I'm really enjoying making the space my own although it does feel really big. I don't think I've ever had this much space all to myself and I don't know what to do with it. I think it'll be a slow process to decorate the place to fit me, but it'll be satisfying once it's done.

I got to Skype with Ali and Deb on Sunday night. As expected, the moment the camera started Ali became a crazy kid performing :) I miss her so much. She's grown taller in the month since I left which is so sad to me. I don't even want to think about how much she will grow in the coming months and years. I am sad that I won't be there to see it happen but I'm happy there are ways to stay in touch so the change isn't too dramatic.

I just hope she doesn't forget me!

A lot of people are leaving Friday for Ireland, South Florida, and Michigan... I'm going to work hard to not become the recluse I know I'll want to be with everyone gone. I'll make sure to go to the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday spin classes and do my grocery shopping but I would love to hear from friends next week...otherwise I'm afraid I'll turn into a crazy lady and talk to myself :).


  1. Ashley smash! Even with the tear, the shirt looked great on you.

    Fingers crossed, we hope to hear good news about your job all the way in Ireland! Not to sound too cliche, but I'll be collecting all of the four leaf clovers I can find. ;-)

  2. Sheesh! You're like the Incredible Hulk!

    All sorts of positive energy headed your way for the job. You'll get it...I know it.

    Love the apartment! Can't wait to come visit! ;-)

  3. Have you heard about the job?!?!
    I love the apartment and suppressing my jealousy of all that space.
    Now get out there to spinning!

  4. I haven't heard about the job yet...unfortunately. But I have a strong lead on another job and am having coffee with two social workers at the hospital on Wednesday :) It's going to happen!!